Summit theme: Pragmatic Approaches to Supply Chain Risk and Resiliency

Supply chain risk is making it to the big leagues. Companies are now placing supply chain risk management verbiage in their 10K and annual reports, something that was rare until recent years. This illustrates how seriously supply chain risk is being taken at the corporate level. Unfortunately it also shows how serious the impact can be from supply chain disruptions.

This unique 3-day workshop will provide you with a well-rounded pragmatic understanding of supply chain risk and resiliency as well as the knowledge to identify, assess, mitigate and manage supply chain risks. You will also gain a working grasp of supply chain resiliency for a sustainable supply chain.

Added Value: attendees will be given special access to a Corporate Risk Appetite / Risk Frontier Evaluation Tool, together with a FREE TRIAL to a cloud-based Supply Chain Risk & Resiliency Assessment Tool and will experience a Supply Chain Risk Simulation Game and receive a Certificate of Achievement from Lehigh University.

Gregory L. Schlegel Gregory L. Schlegel
CPIM, CSP, Jonah Executive in Residence Center for Value Chain Research
Adjunct Professor: Supply Chain Risk Management Lehigh University

Facilitated by Prof. Gregory Schlegel, Lehigh University, USA

Gregory L Schlegel, CPIM, CSP, Jonah, is Founder of The Supply Chain Risk Management Consortium - 20 companies who bring skills, solutions and methodologies that Identify, Assess, Mitigate and Manage Enterprise Risk.

He has been a Supply Chain Executive for several Fortune 100 companies, a Supply Chain Executive Consultant with IBM, is Executive-in-Residence at Lehigh University teaching Supply Chain Risk Management, Adjunct Professor teaching Enterprise Risk Management for Villanova University's EMBA program and VP/Principal at SherTrack LLC.

Greg was President of the APICS' International Society in 1997. He is well published and a frequent speaker at conferences, seminars, webinars and dinner meetings. Greg together with Dr. Robert J. Trent, of Lehigh University, have co-authored a book, "Supply Chain Risk Management: An Emerging Discipline." He speaks over 20 times per year at conferences and workshops and has authored over 100 articles in major supply chain magazines and journals.

Greg is a graduate of Penn State, holding a BS in Operations Research and Computer Science and did his graduate work at Lake Forest College.