Seminar theme: Driving enterprise value through third party risk management

Today, as a result of the global nature of the economy and the complexity of business relationships, risk management efforts of every business must be more comprehensive than ever. Risks that require monitoring and managing range from financial, operational, legal, and regulatory concerns to environmental, reputational, and technology-related risks.

The majority of companies today rely heavily on suppliers and contractors for the provision of goods and services or for outsourcing a part of their supply chain. Suppliers are spread across regions, continents and the globe whilst crossing the cultural and language divides. Many companies have limited and antiquated knowledge of suppliers and the environments in which they operate, acutely affecting their ability to successfully manage the dynamics of their supply chain.

During this one-day seminar you will hear from expert speakers and leading companies, sharing up-to-date knowledge and in-depth practical tips about Third Party Risk Management.

Topics in Focus

  • Managing risk in a risky world
  • Driving enterprise value through Third Party Risk Management
  • Building a strong third party risk assurance programme
  • Managing third party risk in a changing regulatory environment
  • Mitigating exposure to risk through continuous assessment and evaluation
  • The risks and influences of industry 4.0 – the impact on third party relationships
  • Conceptualising and implementing a third-party risk management programme

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