Workshop theme: Practical approaches to third party risk management

With increased regulatory scrutiny, continuing cost pressures, active investors, and a vigilant public, businesses today must have a clear understanding of the risks that are inherent in external business relationships. By recognizing and proactively addressing these third-party issues, business leaders can reduce exposure to risk and achieve stronger relationships with service providers, suppliers, and delivery partners. The end result: a nimbler, more responsive, and more profitable operation.

Third party relationships should be assessed from a strategic point of view to address risk that is related to market positioning, business models, the impact on society, the environment and economies.

During this workshop you will learn:

  • Understand the importance of Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC)
  • Learn the fundamentals of Third Party Risk Management
  • Know the scope of Third Parties and the "Threat Landscape"
  • Understand Third Party Risk governance, compliance and regulatory environments
  • Learn key due diligence methodologies
  • Learn approaches to managing Third Party Risk (incl. governance and oversight)
  • Know how to sustain a TPRM Framework
  • Learn the phases of establishing a TPRM Framework
  • Participants will work in a practical session to start modelling their "fit-for-purpose" TPRM Strategy and Plan.

      Facilitated By: Sylvia Appiah

     Sylvia Appiah,
 Chief Executive Officer,
 Information Governance
       Solutions (UK)

Facilitated by Sylvia Appiah, CEO, Information Governance Solutions & Principal Associate at Bespoke

Sylvia is an experienced risk management professional with over 25 years working experience (mainly in the UK and Africa). Her skills range across various disciplines ranging from business administration, ICT, GRC, cyber security, data protection & privacy, training, coaching, project management and system implementation.

She holds an MSc in Cyber Security & Management (University of Warwick), is a certified IAPP CIPP/E, a certified Data Protection Supervisor (Ghana), she also has a Diploma in Adult Learning (Adult teaching) and is an ISO27001 implementor and auditor.

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