Workshop theme: Practical approaches to third party risk management

With increased regulatory scrutiny, continuing cost pressures, active investors, and a vigilant public, businesses today must have a clear understanding of the risks that are inherent in external business relationships. By recognizing and proactively addressing these third-party issues, business leaders can reduce exposure to risk and achieve stronger relationships with service providers, suppliers, and delivery partners. The end result: a nimbler, more responsive, and more profitable operation.

Third party relationships should be assessed from a strategic point of view to address risk that is related to market positioning, business models, the impact on society, the environment and economies.

During this workshop you will learn:

  • Understand the importance of Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC)
  • Learn the fundamentals of Third Party Risk Management
  • Know the scope of Third Parties and the "Threat Landscape"
  • Understand Third Party Risk governance, compliance and regulatory environments
  • Learn key due diligence methodologies
  • Learn approaches to managing Third Party Risk (incl. governance and oversight)
  • Know how to sustain a TPRM Framework
  • Learn the phases of establishing a TPRM Framework
  • Participants will work in a practical session to start modelling their "fit-for-purpose" TPRM Strategy and Plan.

      Facilitated By: Zunaid Mohidin

     Zunaid Mohidin,
 Chief Executive Officer,
   Cynapse Consulting

Facilitated by Zunaid Mohidin, CEO, Cynapse Consulting & Principal Associate at Bespoke

Zunaid has over twenty years of leadership experience, having achieved success in various sectors and industries across Africa: ICT, Learning and Development, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Construction, Financial Services. A serial entrepreneur, seasoned executive, self-mastery and leadership coach, business consultant with a deep passion for optimising human and business potential.

His extensive knowledge in Third-Party lifecycle and risk management, stems from the depth and breadth of his experience on all sides of the Third-Party eco-system over his twenty-eight-year professional career.